By George Siamandas

At one time Winnipeg had as many as 130 theatres.

Portage Ave:

Capitol 295 Portage and 313 Donald

Furby Theatre 599 Portage

Gaiety Theatre 459 Portage

Lyceum 292 Portage

Metropolitan 283 Donald

Odeon Smith

Orphium Theatre 283 Fort

Osborne 108 Osborne

Palace 501 Selkirk


Main St

Bijou 498 Main St

College Theatre 1296 Main

Colonial 634 Main

Columbia 604 Main

Epic/Regent 644 Main St

Garrick Theatre 30 Garry

Strand 559 Main

Starland 630 Main


Acadia 572 Selkirk

Arcadia gardens 307 Portage Ave

Arlington Theatre 863 Portage Ave

Baddow 323 Tache

Classic 18837 Portage

Corrona 1433 Logan

Mac’s Theatre 585 Ellice

Park 698 Osborne

Plaza 105 Marion St

Province 205 Notre dame

Queens 239 Selkirk

Rose 801 Sargent

Tivoli 115 Maryland

Uptown Theatre

Wonderland 595 Sergent

Drive Inns


Pembina drive Inn


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